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Parking space on the campus grounds is limited and is being allocated exclusively for buses and  equipment trucks.  Please follow the guidance of the GR Event Staff in parking your vehicles in the lot so they can utilize the space as efficiently as possible.  The GR Event Staff has been provided a parking plan that should accommodate bands that need to leave early and those that are arriving late.  Please be patient with this volunteer staff as they work to accommodate your needs in this parking space.


When setting up tents, food services, or staging equipment and props, please do so in the equipment truck  parking area as close to your trucks and trailers as possible.  It’s important to keep pathways as clear as possible to accommodate emergency services if needed.  The GR Event Staff will provide additional guidance as necessary on what boundaries need to be left open around equipment trucks for this purpose.

Please note that a dedicated pedestrian walk-way, shuttle access path, and band expressway will be utilized along the East portion of the parking lot. 


Please ensure these pathways are kept clear of equipment when loading and unloading buses and trucks.

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