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Festival Services


General admission wrist bands can be purchased outside the stadium entrance.  Spectators can follow the pedestrian walkway from the parking lot entrance to the stadium.  

General admission wrist bands are good for access to the stadium for the entire day's performances.  Attendees can leave the stadium to visit the food truck pavilion or their vehicle and can return back to the stadium when they return.

General admission wrist band prices are:
           $12.00 Adults
           $10.00 Seniors and military members
           $7.00 Children and students under 18 years of age

For band spectators, admission is included with the hand stamp they will receive at their bus.   Any band staff or parents utilizing the admission wrist bands or passes provided to bands will not be required to pay for general admission.

Payment Methods Accepted

The admissions tent, GR team store, festival shirts, programs and concessions can all be purchased with cash or major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). 

Air Grams are only available for purchase with cash.  Additional wrist bands purchased by bands at check-in are only available with cash.

GR Team Store


The GR Team Store has apparel and gifts ideas complete with the Golden Regiment logo.  These items are a great way to honor the tradition of excellence at Blue Springs High School.  In addition, the GR Team Store will be selling non-Golden Regiment related merchandise to celebrate the excitement of the marching arts!  Visit the GR Team Store at the East side of the concession stand.

Air Grams


Air grams are a fun way to share a message with performing friends and family members before they enter the field.  These messages will be read over the PA system by the event emcee.  Air gram message are available for purchase the GR concession stand on the Southeast corner for $5 per message.  There are a limited number of messages available between each band, so they should be reserved early.  The proceeds from these Air Grams support the activities of the Golden Regiment marching band.  Please note the GR Event staff reserves the right to modify or cancel air gram messages if the content is found to be inappropriate or offensive.  

Commemorative Program Books

Commemorative program books are available for purchase at the admissions tent and inside the entrance at the festival alongside the festival t-shirts inside the GR concession stand.  These program books include details for all of the bands performing along with a score sheet (ink pen included).  These program books are printed in limited quantity and are available for purchase for $8 each.  Package discounts may be available when purchased with admission tickets.  

Festival T-Shirts

Limited edition festival shirts are available for purchase at the North side of the GR concession stand (just inside the admissions tent) for $25 each.  The shirts include a list of all of the day's performers.  Shirts can be pre-reserved for quick pick-up at the link below.  

Video Recordings


Each band is provided with all access passes to visit the press box and roof during their performance for video recording purposes.  Due to copyright laws, no professional video recordings will be made available through the Golden Regiment.  Please contact your band's director for information on accessing the school's recording of the performance.  

Event Photography

Live action photography of the day's performances can be purchased through B Johnson Photography.  Visit B Johnson Photography's website for pricing and details on purchases.  

Emergency Services


In the event that you need emergency medical attention, immediately call 9-1-1.  After that, please notify a member of the GRI Event Staff wearing a yellow event staff t-shirt.  They will radio all staff to coordinate the arrival of emergency services.  GR Event staff are available to ensure that pedestrians, band members, equipment, and vehicles are out of the way when those emergency vehicles enter the campus. 

Additional public safety officers, Blue Springs police officers, and the Blue Springs athletic trainer will be in attendance at the event to assist with these emergency needs.  

Disability Assistance

The GRI Event Staff will make every effort possible to accommodate guests with special needs.  The number one priority is the safety of performers and spectators while visiting the campus.  With that, it may not be possible for vehicles to park directly outside of the stadium entrance for handicapped accessible spots.  Special golf cart transportation will be made available to ensure guests are able to access the stadium with minimal walking.  Once in the stadium there are open spots for handicapped seating and there are ramps available on the concourse.  If you need any additional assistance, please contact the GRI festival coordinator in advance of your visit to discuss the best ways to make sure your needs are accommodated.  

JB-6326-Olathe South-20230930.jpg

The Friends of the Golden Regiment is the parent support organization that helps fundraise for many of the activities of the Blue Springs High School instrumental music program (including the Golden Regiment marching band and color guard).  The GRI is one of the group's largest annual fundraisers.  The Friends of the Golden Regiment would like to express the sincerest thanks to the many bands, students, spectators, sponsors, and volunteers that help make this event a success!

Special Thank You From Friends of the Golden Regiment

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The outside performances are subject to schedule changes or cancellation for weather or other challenges that affect the safety of the performers.  If the schedule is changed, updates will be announced via the in-stadium PA system along with information being shared through the GRI social media sites.  Get connected to those sites now to stay up-to-date on the event's schedule.

Event Cancellation or Schedule Changes

Band members that have performed and want to access the stadium to view other performances will be granted access via a hand stamp provided by the GRI Event Staff at their buses.  

Band Member Spectators

A separate spectator information guide will be sent to directors for distribution prior to the event.  The spectator guide includes information on parking, tickets, concessions, and other pertinent details you may want to be aware of prior to your arrival on campus.  

Information for Spectators

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