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Air Gram messages are available for purchase at the GR Concession Stand on the Southeast corner for $5 per message.  There are a limited number of air gram messages available between each band, so they should be reserved early.  The proceeds from these Air Grams support the activities of the Friends of the Golden Regiment. 

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Commemorative programs are available for purchase at the admissions tent and inside the entrance at the festival shirts booth inside the GR Concession Stand.  These programs include details for all of the bands performing along with a score sheet (with ink pen included).  These limited copy program books are available for $8 each.

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Limited edition festival shirts are available for purchase at the North side of the GR Concession stand for $20 each.  The shirts include a list of all of the day’s performers. 

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Each band is provided one all access passes that will give access to the press box and roof for video recording purposes.  When entering these recording zones, please stay quiet out of respect to any other recordings that may be in progress.


Due to copywrite laws, no professional video recording will be available through the Golden Regiment.

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Live action photos of the day’s performances can be purchased through B Johnson photography.  Visit Bjohnsonphotography.com for more details and pricing. 

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In the event that your band needs emergency medial attention, immediately call 9-11.  After that, please notify a member of the GR Event Staff with a yellow event shirt.  They will then radio all staff to help coordinate the arrival of the emergency services.  GR Event Staff are there to ensure that pedestrians, band members, equipment, and vehicles are out of the way when those emergency vehicles enter the campus. 


Additional public safety officers and Blue Springs police officers are also in attendance at the event to assist with any of these emergency needs. 

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A separate spectator information guide will be e-mailed to you.  That guide will include information on parking, tickets, concessions, and other pertinent details that your band’s friends and families will want to be aware of when they arrive to our campus. 

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Band members that have performed and now want to access the stadium to view other bands will have their hand stamped by GR Event Staff at their buses when they arrive.  This stamp will allow them entry access to view other bands entering the stadium through the admissions tent. 

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