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Spectator Facility Access

For golf cart shuttle assistance to and from the handicapped parking spots, visit one on the shuttle stops.  If entering the campus by foot, follow the pedestrian walkway marked with blue arrows in map below.


Spectators will be seated in the home stadium seats with easy access from the admissions tent following the Red path.  Once the main stadium seats have been filled, we will open access to the visitor stadium seats on the opposite side of the field.  To access those seats, spectators will follow the Blue path through the building tunnel and down to the track access.  Spectators will only be allowed to access the track in between performances and must take their seats prior to the next performance start.


The Golden Regiment will be hosting food trucks as well as a concessions stand.  A variety of snacks options including soda, bottled water, Gatorade, pre-packaged snacks, candy bars, hot dogs, and nachos will be available.  Please note the location of our food trucks, restrooms, concession stand, and souvenirs on the map below.

JB-1522-Lee's Summit-20230930.jpg
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