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Food Truck Sponsorships

Event Overview

The Blue Springs Golden Regiment Invitational Marching Festival is now in its 45th season!

This event is expected to attract:
    20+ high school bands from all over the Midwest including Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
    Over 2,500 students and staff members from participating bands.
    Over 2,000 event spectators.
   Over 150 local Blue Springs High School parent and family volunteers.

With operating hours from 8:00 am through 10:30 pm, many of these attendees will be utilizing the food trucks for meals and snacks throughout the day.

Food Truck Options

Food trucks will be scheduled based on the date we received your sponsorship registration form based on a first come, first serve basis.  The number of trucks will be limited to specific menu options to ensure successful sales from all of the vendors.  

8:00am - 12:00 pm
   No more than one full menu breakfast vendor.
   No more than one pastry/coffee vendor.

11:00 am - 10:30 am
   No more than two full menu lunch/dinner vendors.
   The Golden Regiment concession stand will also be operating inside the stadium concourse.

All Day Desserts/Snacks
   No more than two hot dessert/snack vendors.
   No more than one specialty beverage vendor.

Please note that alcohol sales are prohibited on the Blue Springs High School campus.


Event Participation Sponsorship

A sponsorship donation of $350 will be made for participation in the Golden Regiment Invitational.

Sponsorships can be registered easily online by clicking the link below.  Sponsorship costs will need to be paid prior to the day of the event.  In the event of cancellation, the money will be refunded back to sponsors.  No other refunds will be offered.

Additional Questions

For more information on food truck sponsorships, please contact the GRI Food Truck Coordinator, Melissa Caton by email at the link below.

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